Return a spell which has been done on you

* First always wish them well and ask them to go their way.

what you will need

1.White candle or Black (your choice)
2.picture if you have it of person you want to return the bad spell they put on you.
If you do not have a picture write the persons name 3 times on parchment paper
3. a flat plate
4. Herbs: garlic, cloves, sea salt, cayenne pepper or any pepper will do the more the better. You can also add herbs to protect you from spell.
5. a small mirror
6 some string white or black

on a waning moon you want to
1. take a shower
2. dress in white
3. burn some sage and protection herbs or incents
4. around the house
5. Cast a circle around your work place with sage.
6. Call your deities and ask for guidance
7. state that: you are only inviting positive energy into your circle and negative energy is not allowed to come in. As you are putting everything together you want to think of this person leaving you alone.
8. Write the name 3 times on paper or if you have picture rap picture around candle.
9. Place the candle in the middle of the plate.
10. place all herbs on the plate and around the candle.
11. burn the candle for 7 days.
12. once its all burned down gather all that is left in a bag and throw it as far away as you can.

*chant the following while you are working
“ Thank you for coming, your job here is done, you are free to go your way, follow your path as your job here is done, I wish you well and thank you for being here, you are free to go your way.”

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