When one feels under psychic assault or if concerned that they are the recipient of adverse
magick, one solution is to use reverse magic. One effective method of implementing this is utilizing
candle magic. A reverse candle is one that reverses whatever the individual who is attempting
to harm may be doing. If there is a specific individual in mind (an ex-spouse, an ex-lover, an
ex-employer, etc.) then write his/her name on the candle (red on top half, black on bottom half)
using permanent markers or some other indelible method. Each night for three nights, burn
about a third of the candle.
While the candle is burning, visualize positive ous (such as a move to a new location for
the other party, a move to a new location for you, successful mediation of a problem, etc.) and
how the situation can get reversed for the good of you and any other individuals who may be
involved (children, elderly parents, etc.) including the individual who's name is inscribed on the candle.
When the candle is burned down to a stub dispose of it immediately by taking it to a body of fresh water.
Once the candle is in the water, turn and walk away. If it is winter or if you can't get to fresh water
then bury it in the earth (not near your home) or dispose of it in a dumpster or some other waste
area as far away from your home as possible.
When you return to your home after the disposal, return by a different route from the one you
took to get there. It is critical to think positively during the process. Negativity will bog the
process down. Upon your return home create a positive spell outlining what you want the
situation to be -- use a white candle or one that represents the positive to you.

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