Self Blessing Shower

Few of us take enough time in self-blessing a moment to bless yourself is the most important time of any day. it attracts the goddess's energy and assistance to you, and it will help any magic you may create. for the blessing shower, begin with fragrant herbs like lavender flowers for peace catnip leaves for attractiveness, all spice beads for health and luck, and cinnamon stick for love and power. bundle these in loosely woven cloth or soft netting. as you wash, gently rub this all over your body to clean away negativity, saying,

cares wash away:
keep misfortune at bay
kikimora touch me,
your blessings I'll see
as you do this, imagine the water appearing like sparkling silver light that absorbs any troubles, then washes away

afterward, take a smaller bundle of the herbs with you to keep the blessings and protective energies activated.

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