Useful for alleviating sorrow.
--Salt A bowl of bottled spring water or New Moon Water
Cast a circle, then invoke the elements and the Lord and Lady.
Sit quietly and think about what you want to clear out of your aura.
When you are ready, add three good-sized pinches of salt to the water and stir widdershins
(counter clockwise). Breathe deep into the bowl and as you do, let your fears and doubts
pour into the water. Breathe them into the salt water where they will dissolve away.
Do this until you feel that the negative energy has passed out of your body.
Next, hold the bowl into the air and visualize a gold or white light flowing into the water,
transforming the negative vibrations and cleansing them.
Carry the bowl to the sink and flush the water down the sink with cold, running water.
Smudge yourself with either jasmine or lavender incense (or another scent that promotes
peace) and open the circle.

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