Items needed: wooden clothespin, black felt-tipped marker, small piece or pieces of paper

on which you have written the bad habit (s) or trait (s) you wish to dispel, some black thread,

a pin, black pepper.

Shield, ground and center, cast circle, charge of the Goddess.

Sit quietly and meditate on changes you wish to occur.

Raise power by chanting the following:

"This spell I do, within my rights to be free

Darken my house no more! Begone! Begone from me!"

Color clothespin with black pen and tie pieces of paper (mentioned above) around the

clothespin and secure with black thread.

Sprinkle clothespin with pepper, and then stick pin into clothespin while repeating the same chant.

Raise energy with chant and send off.

Ground, cakes and wine, thank the Goddess, open the circle.

Bury the clothespin near your front door.

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