Soulmate Love charm

Rinse the candle and stone in saltwater to cleanse them of unwanted energies. Rub a thin coat of scented oil on the candle and the stone, then anoint yourself. Wipe your hands and light the candle, thinking of your favorite love goddess. Now write on the paper a list of the main qualities you wish for in your soulmate. Take the stone in your power hand (the right hand if you are right-handed, the left if you are left-handed) and say:

By the power of the goddess and god of love
I pray, show my soulmate to me,
In this flame, in this fire
show my soulmate to me.
As I will, so shall it be!

Now hold the stone and imagine magically stepping through the flames of the candle into another realm. Soft images before you slowly come into focus. You can see clearly the details of your soulmate standing before you. Now fold the stone into the paper, folding the paper six times. Use the candle wax to seal the charm. Carry this soulmate charm with you to attract your soulmate to you.

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