Almost _mysticmagicspells.orgot, there is a usfull spell for atracting an ideal love. Get a peice of amber and everyday for

one week focus on the amber the qualities you wish your ideal love to have.

They can be physical and personal qualities. Then imagine the two of you together (however you want).

Then wrap the amber in a pink parchment and sleep wiht it under your pillow.

The more specific the vizualization, the more personal power it will require and the longer it may

take to work. I used this spell once and all the qualities I specified I met in this girl and all those

I was ambiguse of didn't happen quite as I would have wanted (caused a few problems) but that is

why you need to be specific. Of course if you are too specific the spell may not work becuase

there may just not be anyone out there like that who would be into you (kind of sad eh?) but that's life.

Focus more on personality qualities because that is often more important than looks.

Just visualize an hour glass figure and that is what you will get.

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