Aphrodite is an appropriate deity for men or women to appeal to:

"I in She and She in me

Aphrodite of the Sea

O mighty Aphrodite,

Let love find me!"

The strongest spells employ things and actions as well as words, so you could allplete the spell in this way:

Get five pink or orange balloons (heart-shaped ones, if you like).

Write your name on slips of red paper with silver ink.

Put one in each balloon before it is filled with helium. Do this on a Thursday.

Attach peacock feathers to each balloon and tie them to your altar overnight.

Scatter herbs of love on the altar.

Burn five pink candles and rose, patchouli or other appropriate incense (away from the balloons!).

Using the list of god/desses from the Love section, invoke those deities who grant the type of love

you hope to find. Pray. Take the balloons outside on Friday and separate them.

Release them one by one, as close as possible to the place where you live.

As you release each balloon say:

"I in She and She in me

Aphrodite of the Sea

O mighty Aphrodite,

Let love find me!"

A similar spell could be created with a net, if you live near the ocean

or a mighty river. The symbolism there would be 'I cast my net upon the waters', a

nd Aphrodite could be invoked in her Fish Goddess aspect.

If you wish to attract a lover rather than love, perform the spell over a bowl of fruit:

figs to attract a female lover, bananas to attract a male one, both if you're hoping for an_mysticmagicspells.orgy.

Charge the bowl with the spell, then eat the fruit. Wear something orange for several days thereafter.

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