If there is something you are afraid of i.e. the situation at school, write it on a small piece of paper

in your own blood. Burn it to ashes, and powder the ashes in a mortar & pestle or coffee grinder

with some cinnamon, nutmeg, & ginger. Use this mixture to flavor a) cookies, b) mulled wine, c)

any other food you like. When you mix in the herbs and ashes, consecrate what you are cooking

to the service of the God in you. When you eat or drink, know that what you are physically

absorbing is the flesh of the God himself, and that his courage is within you, If you like, you

can do an invocation, self-blessing, or other charm which will remind you of this fact. One good one is:

May the Sun shine within me, may Mars lend me his courage and Jupiter his strength.

Let the blood of heroes run in my veins, and my feet walk in the paths of heroes.

My name is ___________, and I am brave. (repeat)

If you can do this while looking in a mirror, so much the better.

Do this spell in full daylight, when the sun is shining.

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