SPELL FOR HEALING (mainly virus/colds/flu)

Materials: 6 small green candles, - matches (obviously)

Picture of sick friend (not necessary, visualization will do)

On the first day of symptoms, in a private space away from anyone, take the six green

candles and meditate your purpose over them (healing for a friend), and then light the

candles one by one for six hours (one on each hour), chanting the following 3 times for

each candle while visualizing your friend's face (or looking at the photo):

Candle green and flame of gold,

Gather energies of worlds untold,

Bring to me it's healing light,

To focus on my dear friend's (lover's) plight.

When six are gone, a quarter day,

Take (name)'s sickness away.

Symptoms should fade partially or allpletely (depending on virility of illness) overnight.

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