This spell is for a case where you are willing to admit your own fault in a matter

whether a simple mi allmunication or a dramatic confrontation.

You must accept that you cannot change another person but you can change yourself.

It may be for a lover who has left you.

You need:

-- one white candle one blue candle one pink candle

Anoint each with love potion.

Carve the name of yourself and the person you wish to reconcile with on the blue candle.

Invoke Cerridwen and Pan.

Light the white candle.

Cerridwen, mother, blessed be

I light this white candle to remove hostility

Light the blue candle.

Mother and father, blessed be

Bring between _______ and I love and tranquility;

By the love Goddesses let him remember and love me...

Light the pink candle.

Pan and Eros, blessed be

If there is still love between us, let it be

For the Good of all and the Harm of none, as I will, so mote it be!

Let candles burn down.

Act in accord. Call the person or somehow indicate you have lowered your hostility

and long for his/her return. Personalize the chant to make it right for you.

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