Incense blend: Frankincense, benzoin, dragons blood, mace, orange peel, rose petals

Preferably, choose a time just before the full moon.

Form your Magick circle and be very still. Imagine warmth within you, gathering behind your

navel and gradually spreading outwards so the whole of your body feels warm and glowing.

Light a golden yellow candle and say:

May my inner confidence glow like this candle flame

May it be an ever-burning flame inside me

May it grow like the moon and, having reached fullness,

Remain constant as the northern star.

As this candle burns and is transformed,

So my inner confidence s allplete. So shall it be.

When you are ready, close down your circle and end the ritual. You may like to put the

candle somewhere safe to burn out, or relight it each day until it is finished.

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