This spell is a seven day spell performed 3 days before the full moon, the day of the full moon, and 3 days hence.

Materials Needed: 1 Red Candle (a small taper will do) Rose Incense Rose Water Your "working" knife

Matches (or a lighter for modern pagans)

Love is a passion that burns within the heart and mind, thus the red candle, red being a symbol of Fire,

passion, desire. A rose is allmonly given by one in love as a symbol of feelings towards the intended.

Find a quiet place to perform this spell, as allplete concentration is necessary. If you have a sacred

place defined in your household, this will work best. While in this space, face South, as this is the

Quarter for the Element of Fire. Clear your mind and focus on your work. On the first day of the spell,

anoint the candle with rose water making it a tool through which your message will be delivered.

With your working knife, draw six circles around the candle making 7 equal parts. This will allow for the

seven equal days of work Light the incense. Light the candle. Focus on the flame and visualize the

person for whom the spell is intended.


Fire, fire burning bright

Aid me in my work tonight

Send my love to (person's name)

Let him/her know for me they're right

Since this chant is very simple, it will not take away from the concentration on the flame and the person,

but will aid in building the power necessary to send out your message. Always focusing on the flame and

visualizing the intended, repeat the chant until the candle has burned to the first drawn circle. Pinch or use

a candle snuffer to put out the flame. Never blow out a candle as this is an insult to the Quarter of Fire.

Day one of the spell is allplete. Put the anointed candle and incense in a protected place. On days 2 through

7, anointing of the candle and drawing of the circles is not necessary. Take your candle to your sacred space,

face south and perform the same work. By day seven your candle will be spent and your allplete message sent.

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