Spell to Become Fairy

Ok this is my first time doing this so if it dont work plz dont get mad:)
What you will need:
symbol,quiet room,witness,and a picture of a fairy in your fav color
First make sure the room is qiuet. Next have ur witness stand in front of you while you stand with arms sideward(like wings)and pic in hand and say:
Oh fairies
creatures of the unknown
hear my plea come make me
one of you
with wings so beautiful
and powers so extreme
make my wish come true
oh so mote it be
(Repeat twice)

After the spell you might have some side effects like:
Can float
Back,legs or neck pains
Wanting to be outside alot
can talk to nature
uncontroled anger
beutiful skin
hair growing longer

Side effects DO NOT HAPPEN 4 EVEREY1 its just most people get them

Powers include: Power of the sun, power of water(freezing,boiling,shaping,gelatin)power of weather(make it rain and snow stuff like that) power of coldness(freezing,making snow,can talk to winter animals)power of wind(can talk to birds and sky animals,control where the wind goes,can cause tornados)power of fire(boiling,shaping) and special.They can do it all. You can earn this but it takes many many years and youll be lucky if can earn it.Some have this power when they start out too.
You will use powers ONLY WHEN NEEDED!!!!!! and if you use them elsewise they will be taken away by your gaurdian fairy(fairy assagiand to you when u get your powers and wings.Some1 with alot of experiance)
You become a fairy when you jump and a human on land

Congrats to all u fairies!!!!!!!!!:):):)

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