small piece rhodonite assorted flowers

cauldron filled half-way with water (preferably spring or filtered)

Before the spell begins, decorate your altar with fresh cut flowers in a manner that will allow

them to witness your work. Call upon you're the appropriate deity/spirit of your tradition and

ask them to witness your spell.

Place the stone in the center of the cauldron with water.

Open yourself and allow yourself to feel peaceful.

When you are relaxed, take a step back and while concentrating on the quarrel say.

The time has for his quarrel to end.

Let anger be released and begin the mend.

Repeat this until you can feel any anger or hurt about the argument floating away.

Collect the flowers and put them in a vase using the water from your cauldron.

Keep them in a place in your home that you go to often and allow then to remind you that all will be well soon.

Give the stone to the other person as a gift.

Try to resolve your differences rationally and if you feel yourself getting angry repeat the chant to yourself.

Your argument should be well on it's way to being over by the time the flowers wilt.

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