Spell to get over someone.

This spell is to help you get over someone, this could be an ex girl/boyfriend wife/husband, old friends who you are no longer friends with.


What you will need:

bay leaves (ground)
Parchment paper
Feather Pen
Dragons Blood ink (it doesnt neccicaraly need to be dragons blood, any ink is fine)
Seeds of your fave. Flower (or plant-able flower already grown)
Small shovel

On a full moon at 12:00pm take the ink, pen, and parchment,string,and ground leaves, take the paper and pen, and wright the person you want to get over's full name, date of birth, and draw a symbol representing your bond between that person.Let ink dry. Once ink is dry place ground leaves in center of paper. Wrap up paper and seal with string. Place on window-sill. Leave there untill new moon.

On new moon at 12:00pm go outside with your flower, water, and small shovle, if you need light, bring WHITE candle,and a lighter/match.
Dig a hole big enough to plant flower. Place your parchment role (you made on full moon) and place it in hole. If ground is moist from rain place in metal or glass bowl. Burn parchment role while chanting

"Oh Great (god/goddes you belive in)this represents burning the bond with (person you want to get over), guide me in this prosses and let me be free of this bond."

Once turned to ash, blow out remaining flame. Place ashes into the hole you made while chanting

"Oh Great (god/goddes you belive in) this represents throwing away all the bad memories, and all the good ones. Help me be free of these memories."

NOTE: this will not erase the memories,it will just deattach your bond with them.

Plant flower ontop of ashes while chanting

"Oh Great (god/goddes you belive in), this represents turning all the old into a new, beautifull thing. Please Help this plant grow tall and strong."

Water your plant with the water when you say please help this plant...etc.

Spell should take full effect from a month-year after new moon. Every day after spell, you should feel a little, and i mean LITTLE bit over the person. and by a month to a year it should take full effect.

Hope it worked!

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