Spell to get wings

You need:
- 1 white/yellow candle
- A little feather
- A symbol on you lower body
- Window

Let's start
Go sit down, legs crossed.
Place the candle in front of you and light it. Place the feather nextto the candle, right of the candle.
Then you close your eyes and meditate for 3 minutes and you think about flying and how you city looks like when you are flying. Visualize you chi (strong white light) began in your belly en go up to your shoulders.
After that you open our eyes and take the feather in your hands and close your hands. Close your eyes again. Tell the goddess why you want to have wings.
Say something like this (don't make it the same!! It has to be a personal reason!!):

Oh Goddess, give me wings, to help the people, to be happy again. (Think about how your wings look and grow on your back) Let them grow so i can fly.
Goddess, this spell may harm no one. It may only make people happy.
As I say, so mote it be!(Shout it)

chant it 3 times

When you did this open your eyes, put out the candle, open your window and open your hands with the feather then blow so hard you can on the feather so it fly away. Let your window open for 1 hour. If you can't do it for a medical reason, close your window.
If you did this, go to the candle and sit on your knees, bow 1 one time, then come up and clean everything.

This spell can have some side effects, it is uncommon, but don't be afraid if you don't get any of this:
- Headache
- Feeling dizzy
- Pain in your back or in your legs(not much, it's safe to do it)
- You will feel the symbol (not pain)
- You can have the feeling like you can float

Side effects are not completely develop.
There is only 1 very important thing! BELIEVE in it!!! Believe you can change!!!
And no you won't get immortal.

Your wings will take up to 1 weeks or 1 month

I hope you have much fun!!

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