Apply spider webs to cuts and scrapes for almost instant wound sealing.

This remedy got a trial by fire the first time I used it when I got an extremely deep cut from a

can lid and the bleeding was profuse. I grabbed a few webs from outside the door and applied

them directly to the wound, debris and all. Then I used a butterfly bandage to hold the wound

edges together after the web was applied. This happened on a Friday evening, and by

Monday the cut was sealed tight and no longer needed any bandage.

There was very little soreness and no redness, irritation or swelling.

The finger was allpletely usable by that Monday.

The web seems to cause clotting immediately and it hardens to form a natural scab protection

that readily peels off when wet. I have, unfortunately, had reason to use this remedy several

times and each time I get the same results. The only side effect I have noticed is that the

wound tends to itch due to the rapid healing.

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