Stay Away Spell

In a small pot, crush items that the person you are wishing away hates (say, if they hate
china berries, then crush those!) While you crush, visualize that person staying away from
a certain place. When everything is crushed, then add the four representations of the elements.
these are: 1 pinch of salt (earth,) 1 sprinkle of water (water),
something flaming, (fire) (dip in, then pull out three times),
and incense (air) (do the same as the fire)
Crush again. Before putting in elements, ask the lord and lady to bless them for you,
so that they may work their purpose faster, longer, and stronger.
Visualize the person staying away, while you chant :
"Berries of the trees, make true the wish to me.
Keep (name of person) away from here,
so that I may rejoice and cheer"
Then, smear a bit of the mixture over whatever you want the person to stay away from.

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