Success and Prosperity Ideas

Some desires require a change in behavior to see a change in your life. Instead of attempting to address the issue with one spell, it may be better to get in the habit of performing a simple magical practice on a consistent basis. This is especially true when one has great obstacles or opposition to their goals. You might:

* Burn dressed Green, Pink or Gold candles for 7 consecutive days
* Take a luck, money drawing, success or road opener baths for 7 consecutive days
* Wash your porch, stoop or entryway for 7 consecutive days with luck, money drawing or road opener floor wash.
* Smoke your house from front to back with a money drawing or luck drawing incense
* Wear an oil or perfume daily.
* Dust your feet and chest with a drawing sachet powder (can be added to baby powder or cornstarch to stretch it)
* Write a request for money to the Spirit and burn it daily in incense. Sprinkle the powder in front of your home.
* Repeat novenas to a Saint associated with blessings and money daily.

Old timers often recommend performing Seven Tasks for success. By developing a seven step routine that is performed daily, one keeps focused on their goals and increases their chances of success.

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