Time: 8pm to 9pm waxing moon

Waxing -growing larger - is a time to bring things TO you

Waning -growing smaller -is a time to send things away)

Incense: sandalwood

anoint candles in clove oil

green candle and a yellow candle, green cloth piece of paper pen


This spell is for people who already have a plan of action just no opened doors to make things happen.

This spell will give you a short lived window of opportunity how you use it - is up to you.

Lay out a green cloth and when your incense is smoldering and the candles lit -

close your eyes and invision yourself attaining your goal - take the pen and hold it in your hand -

over the piece of paper - and keep your eyes closed.

You may feel warmness and tingling in your arm - do not be alarmed.

Now, one of two things will occur - keep your eyes closed and concentrate -

your arm may begin to wander and move making writings on the paper -

or you will be given a very clear plan of action to write down.

Either through automatic writing or through direct contact - you will be shown the way to success.

This spell will not work if you are not serious about it.

(example - "how can I win the lottery" is not a plan of action)

Close circle and give thanks.

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