Summoning Power

To do this, you will need a sign. Grab a pencil and paper to record you sign. If you need help creating your sign, you may use the following:

First, draw a vertical line. If your birthday is in Summer, draw a horizontal line from the top left of your other line. If in spring draw from the top right. Fall, bottom left, and winter bottom right. Next, draw a line much like a backwards slash.

Draw your sign on a small sticky note and carry it around. When you need energy or power, chant the following: "I guard my sign by day and night, and I ask that it's energy will unite. I wish of you one thing in return, that you grant me thy power until I learn."

In order for the sign to grant you power you must have carried it by you for a bit. The power will last as long as you had it beside you before the chant:

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