Sun Energy Ritual

A not very well known magic that I practice is Ayana Nakure (a-ya-na na-kure-ae) magic, or Sun magic. For those who possess the magic of the light and fire. Those elements must be combined to do this right, if not you are not ready. You must gather something of the earth, water, wind, yourself (hair or something like that), fire (ash's work), and light (hardest ingredient. It's more of a personal call because it can be a necklace or a firefly. It must be something however that you can carry close to you, always). You must combine all of them, using a pestle or something like it, and taking the juice out of it. Next you let sit in a clear class bowl (plain with absolutely no designs or anything on it) sit in direct sunlight for one hour. Then dip your chosen light object into it and say while realizing your mind and focusing only on the words. Darkness shall be forth ward If it shall win, honor shall be the cost Fire be with as my guide Light renew the lost Then save the liquid you have in a container somewhere very safe. The ritual must be done with the same liquid every year. Plus you must always wear the light item.

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