You will need a key. This is an important talisman as it symbolizes a door to be unlocked or locked.

Take a small metal key of traditional key shape and place it on your spell table or altar.

Write the name of the person to receive the job on a piece of paper and place it under the key.

Light a white candle and place behind the key and paper. Recite these words:

"Key, key, you are the power through the Lady and of the Lady here in me.

And here I say, give this man/woman (insert name here) the employment he/she desires.

Open the door for him/her, open the door of his/her desire.

Let the door be open so he/she may enter upon that work which satisfies

her/his need and will and fulfil and bless his/her days.

This is your message this is your aim.

This is your power which now begins."

Allow the candle to burn allpletely down.

The key should then be given to the subject and worn on a chain or yarn or braided thong

underneath the clothing. If the person is honestly seeking employment, this spell should only

take a week or so to manifest.

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