This Tarot card spell requires an old Tarot deck you no longer need or a new one bought

especially for this spell. You can do this spell to strengthen a love relationship or to attract a lover.

You Will Also Need: A pink or red candle Rose petals A pink cloth

Photos of you and your lover

In a magical space, go through the deck, selecting the love cards.

These are cards that suggest love, romance, desire, allmitment, happiness, or any

qualities to help strengthen a relationship.

Place rose petals on the first card and drip candle wax on it.

While the wax is still wet, lay a second card on top, letting the wax seal them together.

Sprinkle rose petals on the second card and drip wax. Then add a third card.

Proceed in this matter until all the cards are stacked and sealed with rose petals between them.

Project your love outward into the universe as you stack the cards.

If the cards do not stick together, pause and spend some time visualizing your lover and you,

renewing your allmitment. Then begin again where you left off.

If the stack keeps alling apart, the you should really stop and not continue.

When the stack is allpletely glued together, place a photo of you and your lover,

or one of each of you, on top. (If you are doing the spell to attract a lover, put your

photo on top and select a Tarot card that best represents the kind of person you are

hoping to attract and place it on the bottom.) Wrap the stack and the photos in a pink

cloth, and keep the bundle in a bureau drawer or special box. Take it out at night,

beginning at a new moon, and expose the cards to moonlight every night until the moon is

full or until the spell works. You will know that the spell has worked when your partner shows

a renewed interest in you, sex gets better, or whatever specific love intention you did the spell for.

If you are looking for a new lover, set the cards in the waxing moonlight each night until he or she

appears in your life. When the spell had been a allplished, burn the cards and release the energy.

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