Choose a significator and place in center of a cross with ten of pentacles or ten of cups

underneath, the four of wands forms the base, the chariot forms the top, the should

represent safety in traveling. Temperance and the star form the arms of the cross,

they invoke supernatural protection. Meditate on your needs. Here is the affirmation.

I call upon the power that is within me and the power that is around me!

I call upon the sentinels of the heavens!

I call upon all good spirits and all ministering angels!

I call for protection, defense, and safety! with white light, a force field is built around me.

I am shielded and protected at all times.

All negative disperse and dissolve at the touch of the radiant light that emanates from

the core of my being. All shadows flee.

All harm and danger is neutralized by the touch of my glowing aura.

By the power within me and the power around me, only peace, love and serenity

may exist within my protective barrier!

I am protected. My family is protected. My home is protected.

All modes of transportation and travel are protected/ so it is and so shall it be!

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