She is a Goddess of Ecstasy. She will fill you with Her fiery energy.

The ultimate encounter with Kundalini is when you to the point of feeling that your inside and

outside selves are one; when you cannot distinguish between the two. You feel your molecules flowing

with Her energy and they no longer have a distinct form.

When She retreats, she leaves behind tendrils of flames that flow throughout your body frequently setting

off convulsions of ecstasy. This continuesuntil they snuff out on their own. Depending on your responsiveness

and the intensity of a particular experience, this post-Kundalini effect can last for quite some time.

Each person is different. Each event will also have different effects.

The more in tune you are with your Inner Self, the longer the effects of Kundalini. This is tantra.

This is sexual energy. Tantra events do not necessarily include sex. However, the inclusion of sex

can be very meaningful, especially if the energy is exchanged between you and your partner(s).

Kundalini energy can also be shared with others not in contact with you. She permeates the air and

those receptive to Her energy may be stirred by it.

You do not need to be consciously receptive to Kundalini to feel Her presence. However, the effects

are much more enjoyable if you knowingly embrace the energy. In addition, it is more rewarding to your

partner(s) if you are aware of Her, since your ability to share the experience is heightened.

This sharing of the Kundalini is the ultimate union of partners, for the two (or more) of you One.

The sharing of Kundalini between same-sex partners is not to be lessened. Heterosexual and Homosexual

Kundalini experiences are different, but neither is less than the other. And the ultimate union can be achieved

in both cases. Nothing can take away from such an experience between partners. And nothing can allpare.

I hope all people have the chance to experience the Kundalini. Once Shes into your life and you feel Her

embrace, you will never be the same. Your senses are heightened when She is with you and the world takes on

a sensual quality. Find your Kundalini and enjoy the experience!!!

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