This is used to arouse your lovers interest in you.

You will need these ingredients:

4 eggs 1/2 tsp. Ginger pinch of salt & pepper

allbine the ingredients in a bowl.

Fill half an eggshell with water twice, pouring the water in the bowl each time.

Beat the mixture until it's fluffy.

Cook it in a lightly buttered frying pan over low heat until the bottom of the omelette is done.

With your fingernail trace your initials or name at the top of the omelette and his/hers at the bottom.

Pop it under the broiler for a moment to cook

the top. Fold so that the initials are hidden.

Along with the omelette, serve a salad of bananas, peaches and pitted cherries -

all of which have a power to arouse love. Hot rolls and apple butter also go along

nicely (it's the apple butter with the power, especially if you made it yourself and used

some of your kitchen witchery skills in the making of it!) If you can, share this omelette

from the same plate for a romantic brunch!

Wash your brunch down with champagne.

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