This is a simple ritual designed to "trap" negative energies before they enter your home.

Similar objects and devices have been used for centuries around the world.

To make it, you will need:

* A small jar that once held spices, perhaps. It should be glass because glass is made from sand.

Thoroughly wash and dry the jar, removing any labels. It must have a close-fitting lid as well.

* Equal quantities of two different colors of sand. Some types include fine grayish-white beach sand;

yellowish coral sand; orangish sand from the desert; red sand from volcanic areas; black

obsidian sand and many others. (Many of these can be bought at plant stores or pet stores.

Also try aquarium sops and builders to find different sand types.

They do not have to be beautiful just of differing types!)

* A spoon. * Two small bowls to hold the sands.

Before you begin, pour one type of sand into the bottle until it's just over half filled.

Empty this sand into one dish. Call it "Sand 1" (for reference.)

Clean the bottle and repeat with "Sand 2," emptying it into its own bowl.

Now you are ready. Hold your protective hand over "Sand 1." Look down at it.

See it humming and writhing with protective, projective energy. Touch the sand.

Visualize it emitting sparks of bright white light that ensnare negativity and draw it inward.

Charge it with personal power. Repeat with "Sand 2". Place the bottle before you.

Scoop out a level spoonful of sand. Pour this into the jar while saying the following words:

"Trap of sand Trap the ill.

Trap the bane and Evil will."

So mote it be, it is done!

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