On a Friday, in the waxing phase of the Moon, (from new to just before and including full Moon)

take two long red candles, a piece of parchment, pen and ink, a pie plate (for safety's sake) and

find a quiet place free from interruptions. Write on one side of the parchment "The Perfect Love For Me",

and on the other side, draw a semi-circle.

On one of the candles scratch in "The perfect love for me" and on the other, scratch in your name.

Place the parchment in the pie plate with the semi-circle side up.

Place the one candle (in a holder if need be) that has your name on it on the inside of the semi-circle,

the other one (once again, holder okay) on the outside of the circle. Light the candles, concentrating

on your desire for a perfect love. Let it burn for about an hour, snuff them both using a snuffer or your

fingers (do not blow them out) and on each night thereafter, walk the outer candle closer to the center

of the semi-circle, burning the candles for about an hour each night. Once the outer candle is close

to the inner one, take the same pen you used originally and close the circle around the two in a

clockwise direction. Allow the candles to burn out. When done, burn the parchment and save

the ashes and any left over wax in a small bag (preferably red) under your pillow until your love arrives.

As with all magic, you must really desire this, and put that desire into your spell.

Your love should arrive soon. If you only wish someone to date, you can also put that instead of

perfect love on the candle and parchment.

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