Timing: On the New Moon

Day: Thursday or Friday night

Hour: 6pm, 9pm or Midnight


red candle (taper is fine - not in glass) - and candleholder parchment paper and pen

sharp instrument to inscribe on the candle (such as toothpick)

rose oil, jasmine oil, or some other pleasant floral scent that you like

ashtray, or some other flameproof container

Begin by taking the bath as described above.

After you out of the tub, dry off, but don't dress (unless you will be cold and that will distract you -

in that case wear something loose).

Prepare the red candle by inscribing on it your name, your birthdate, your sun sign, and/or any

symbols or sigils that you associate with yourself. If you have a secret name that you use, inscribe that as well.

Next, take the parchment paper and the pen. On this parchment you will write all the qualities you

want in a potential lover or mate. For example: good listener, blue eyes, patient, good singing voice

or musical ability, dances well, etc. Write whatever you really would want - and give this some

careful thought. Write everything down on the parchment paper. ("Likes to clean house and do

the dishes" is good to ask for too!)


Even if you are sure that this person fits the description to a tee, you do not have the right to

impose your will on them. IF they really are right for you, then this spell will bring them to you.

If not, then this spell will bring the person who is.

After the parchment is finished, take the oil and anoint the parchment with the oil in the corners,

and over each quality you want. As you are doing this, say:

"I call upon thee Aphrodite and Venus, Goddesses of Love and Beauty, hear me!

I ask you to send me a lover who is: (read your parchment) I ask you to send him to me,

so that I may know true happiness in love! So Mote It Be!"

Now take the oil and anoint the candle, and anoint yourself on your wrists.

Light the candle, and as you are lighting it be calling out to the Goddesses in your own words

that you want this lover to into your life.

As the candle is burning, read your parchment again, over and over several times,

you can do this aloud or silently. Impress upon your mind these qualities which you are

seeking in a lover. At this time also, feel your need for this lover, let your secret desires

forth and feel them. Send the energy of these desires to the candle, and thus to

the Goddesses. You can dance to raise energy, and you can dance erotically also to

raise your own desires. You may also touch yourself, and please yourself at this time,

as you might imagine a lover would please you and touch you. Do whatever you feel

you want to do and are allfortable doing. Allow the candle to continue burning during this time.

When you are ready to end the ritual, the last thing you will burn is the parchment paper

describing the qualities you want in a lover. Read it over one last time, and then consign

it to the candle's flame. Let it burn allpletely. (Drop it into an ashtray or flame proof container

to burn it safely.)

The candle needs to be burned out allpletely, you don't have to stay right there with it the

whole time, just make sure it can burn safely. Take the ashes from the parchment when you

are finished, and allow the wind to take them away out of your hand, or you can scatter them

in a moving river or stream. To finish the ritual, you should wear the oil you used everyday until

the Full Moon.

Be sure to be open to meeting new people, especially during the next two weeks to three

month period. Don't turn down invitations to parties and don't just sit at home waiting for

someone to call you! Make yourself visible and friendly.

This ritual will work for the sincere.

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