To Attract Love

Begin on a Friday

Candle colour Pink

With a small knife inscribe your name on the candle and the words ‘To attract love’

Place the candle in a holder and light in a quiet room of the house. If you know whom you want to attract to yourself, place a photo of the person in front of the candle. Take a piece of red ribbon and wrap it around your left hand 3 times. Sit facing your candle. If you have a deck of Tarot, place The Lovers, The two of cups and The High priestess on the altar. (Don’t worry if you haven’t got Tarot cards, your spell should work regardless.) Recite the following 3 times.

Archangel Anael, I require your assistance to bring power with love.

I summon thee to bring love to my being together in harmony and peace.

Let the light shine strength and force upon me

After you have recited the spell 3 times say

And so it is’

Repeat this spell as above for the next five days, using a new candle each day.

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