With water colors or chalk, draw or write the bad habit on a piece of paper.

Immediately take it out into the rain. Let the rain dissolve and disperse the water colors or chalk.

So shall your habit dissolve, cleansed by the sanctifying rain.

To Free Yourself From Habits Etc. If you wish to be free from a habit, thought, idea; if you wish to be rid

of past associations, guilt or blockages; take the symbols of that problem - whatever they may be

- & throw them onto a raging fire. The fire will consume the symbols & so shall it consume the power

they had over you. For the symbols think a moment - if you overeat, take a portion of your favorite

food & throw it onto the fire. Smoking, drinking the same. For problems which

utilize no concrete objects, draw a symbol or image & burn. For getting rid of things (like habits,

houseguests, etc.), I always like to add a bath element. After your ritual, take a bath in the appropriate

herbs/oil. During the bath, relax and focus on how your life will be without X. Wash X away from you.

When you pull the plug, stay in the tub until the water has allpletely drained out, watching X go

down the drain.

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