To Break up a Marriage

break up a couple ... On the night of a full moon , get a chicken heart ,
(you can buy them in stores you dont have to kill a chicken but you can if you want I dont care .)On a peace of paper >Draw 2 stick figures one of the man and one of the woman you want to break up , write their (full names )under each figure, then take some sizzors and cut them apart carry the 2 stick people papers out side with you, get a spoon , dig a hole in the ground it doesnt have to be big just big enough to place then chicken heart, now place the heart in the ground , and look at the moon , take the stick figure of the person you love and hold it next to your heart , take the other stick figure and burn it with a match while saying the one I burn go away , go away (persons fullname )the one I dont burn I hold next to my heart stay with me { persons fullname } till death do us part . ohmother Isist grant me my wish for my soul mate and me , now do all this while looking at the moon and make a wish after you make a wish cover the heart with the dirt and say thank you mother Isist my name is ( your full name ) thank you for granting my wish.Then go inside you house and put your loves stick picture in a white envelope in a wooden box , dont let anyone see this, you must keep the box of his or her stick figures for as long as you do the spell even after you have him.if ever you decide you dont want him anymore stop doing the spell and burn all the papers you have.. Warning :::: this is a very powerfull spell it may sound like a waste of time or you might think its a bunch of crap but trust me it works this is the only spell i have ever come across that i seen work for my self and others I have helped , if the couple is not married it shouldnt take long at all maybe a couple of monthes at the most before you see something , if the couple is married it just depends on exactly how happly married they are , if they are really happy and you just want to be mean and break them up it can take years but it will work evently they will give up because as long as you keep doing it every month on the full moon,even though you dont see anything happening trust me they are not getting along . if they are an unhappy couple , it will take a few months to a year to work and I know what your saying , thats a long time but if you love them like you say you do you will wait I did , and I'm happy I found this spell because I had tried lots of others and failed this is the only one I can sware works , it just taKes time . and after you get the person if you decide you dont want them just stop doing the spell every month , he or she will leave you alone .. only catch to this spell is that even after you have your man you want or woman , you still have to keep doing the spell that way they never look to another woman or think of going back to there ex's but it only takes 5 min of your time once a month thats not asking much if you really love the man you got , you must never forget for everymonth you forget to do this , he will think back more and more to go back to her , so don't ever forget ....................................................

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