Moon phase on the 3 full moon days. (Friday if possible) Venus Hour at 11am 11pm.

Altar decoration suggestions. A photo each of your two friends. Love hearts and two red roses.

Things belonging to the people and if they don't mind some strands of their hair.

If you are Wiccan ask the permission of the two lovers. If you are not go ahead this is not a

harmful spell and the 3x3 return should be "lovely!" Spell candles and paper or parchment

petition should be Red. Incense suggestions Rose, Jasmine or Venus or Aphrodite, Scent of

Venus, temple of Love, Aphrodisia or similar. Candle anointing Oil Love drawing oil or rose.

jasmine, lavender, yang yang or ant fragrance you think is evocative of love

Herbs suggestion

Dried Rose buds, Jasmine, violets, or any love herb you have to hand.

Cast Circle your normal way and invoke a love Goddess e.g. Venus, Isis, Aphrodite or Frey.

Call Quarters.

Invoke your chosen love Goddess and ask her to aid you to bring the two lover's relationship

to deepened love and fulfillment. Anoint and Light altar candles and incense.

Sprinkle herbs and a little incense powder (if using that type) on a charcoal disk so there is

a lovely fragrance in the room.

"That love that exists by.............(Name).....should be brought to fruition is the desire

of this Petitioner. I would bring about the physical union of these two people, in joy and

in love; in trust and devotion."

Light ritual candles Take the photographs of both recipients and hold them in the smoke

of the smoke of the incense

"Here are......(Name)....and.....(Name) be brought together

in the joys of love"

Burn the petition paper with the names of the lovers and the spell written on it with the

strands of hair Leave the candles to burn out or burn for at least an hour.

Snuff out the candles if you have to. Do not blow them out.

Close circle. dismiss quarters thanking them for attending and thank the chosen love

Goddess for her attending your rite. Place pictures facing each other in a small box

with the candle wax drippings and remainder of the herbs, incense etc. wrapped in a

brown paper bag. (Heart shaped chocolate boxes are nice) If you can, take a photo

copy of photos burn them together and put with all the leavings in a paper bag and

bury them or keep them in a heart shaped box. I gave mine to two friends (now married) in

a spell bottle . (Spell bottles can be any small decorated bottle that you can find and paint

or perhaps tie a ribbon around.

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