Magic to call joy into one's life should be performed at the Waxing Moon.

Get three cherry-red candles. Gather flowers, whatever kinds are in season, and decorate

your altar with them. When you have viewed the Moon that evening, light your three candles

and dedicate them to the Fates. Joy is very much in their domain. Say:

"Red is my blood and red is my laughter,

Red is the color of life and of love.

Gracious Old Ladies, who weave in deep dark places,

Bless me with joy and bless me with luck."

Perform this honoring of the Fates three nights in a row, and burn the candles a little each night.

The last night, allow your candles to burn down. For incense you can burn red clover.

Once the spell is finished, dispose of it by taking a little bit of the candle dripping, dried flowers,

and ashes from the incense to a living body of water, cast them in, turn your back, and don't look back.

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