to free your soul and feel energy

First make sure your in a peace full and silent put lavender around you and a white candle light it and sit down and hold your hands out like your holding something and close your eyes imagine a gold ball in your han and start moving the gold ball around form it into a sphere and then take one hand touch the ball and pinch your fingers and pull all your problems out then connct your middle and pointer finger in a diamond and say free me free me lord 3x push the ball into your body and laydown and you should be free in 2 days. always works for me. try it 2 times
now the energy one light a blue candle and get 3 lavender inencse
bind your hands togeather and believe your feet are receptors and fell the energy clear your head wave your hands like bereathing in a scent then say i am the one of power two times and your should feel s strange

TO FREE A HOUSE FROM HAUNTING to free your soul and feel energy facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail