Begin this (9) nine day ritual on a Monday. Using a White Candle

(charge/anoint the candle for all intent and purpose)

I cleanse, anoint, then charge my candle with this incantation:

"Cleansed and Blessed Are Thee,

Now to Perform Thy Service for Me"

Having prepared yourself according to your custom: Repeat nine times this spell:

Foolish I was, Wise I Now Am.

A Light of Hope I See Which Stands Before Me;

It's Flame Releases Me From This Predicament.

O Lady, I am Grateful O Lady, I Thank Thee -

I Am Free. I Am Free; O Lady, I Thank Thee.

Alternatively, you may also read Psalm 119 Verses 49 to 56 (only) ... (18) eighteen times.

If the Predicament was rather a large blunder or error in judgement a copy of the two

is most effective to get release from the situation.

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