To make lover think only of you and nothing else

get a pink candle,
try to get one they sell at the grocery stores with the angels on it find a pink one you need a tea spoon of veg. Oil and a picture of the person.

Get the candle and make sure you write down the date you start burning it inscribe the name of the person on the top of the candle in the wax then pour the oil on the top put the picture on the bottom (under the candle) and say this prayer every night for 7 days:
Oh intranquil spirit, you that in hell are wandering and will never reach Heaven,
hear me , hear me I want you to get the five senses of of person...
and you should not let him rest in peace, either seated , standing or sleeping. should find himself as desperated as waters of the seas.
That he should run and run until he humbly falls at my feet because nobody would help him.
Neither a divorcee or a married woman or a widow should love him.
...the name of the person... I conjure you before this cross and God,
that you are to run after me as the living after the cross and the dead after the light Amen.
Burn the candle all through the seven days saying the prayer each day or night and keep the picture under the candle.

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