To Make Money

To help your investments prosper, bury a silver coin and a drop of your blood in a clay flower pot. Then put a plant in the pot. Take very good care of this plant, for if it flourishes, so will your investments. However, if it dies, you'll lose your

money. (If you cast this spell, your first investment may have to be an old, all silver coin. The modern ones, which contain a base metal, won't have the necessary power.)

For luck in gambling, try this spell. Before placing a bet, rub a green candle with sandalwood oil (or any oil to which a piece of sandalwood has been added). On a green piece of paper, write down the name of the object you're betting on. Light the candle and burn the paper in the flame, taking care not to put it out. Carry the candle stub in a left-hand pocket when yon go to bet.

If you don't know what you're betting on for instance, before buying a numbered lottery ticket, rub the candle with the oil and take it with you anyway. When you receive the number, perform the burning ritual. Keep the candle stub with you until the winner is announced.

If you're a card player, rub the candle as above and burn it to the socket before playing. Then try to rub a bit of the sandalwood oil on the cards before a game. Failing that, rub a silver ring with the oil; put the ring on your left hand at a games; make sure it touches the cards. (This spell also works with dice, bingo games, etc.)

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