You need:

A whole head of Garlic 3 large 'iron' nails

9 pieces of White Thread (7 inches long each)

6 pieces each of Black Thread and Red Thread (7 inches long each)

Wax One White Egg Water and Wine

Twist or braid 3 white, 2 red and 2 black threads together,

melt a little wax and dip the threads so that it forms a stiff twine/wick like feel.

Do this two more times so you have 3 waxed braids.

Place the nails in a fire until they are red hot, while still hot (you can let them cool a little bit)

wrap each nail with a garlic leaf.

Then wind one of the waxed threads around each leave covered nail.

In a dish or bowl make a triangle with the nails and place it in a safe place (or your altar).

Place the egg in the triangle so it stands up, sprinkle with wine and water everyday.

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