one white candle a glass bowl (or a chalice) a few pieces of paper (white and green)

and a pencil (must be pencil or i.e. contains carbon)

Place the things on a coffee table (or something similar) so that you are sitting directly opposite

to your friend. Write your full name on a piece of white paper, and get your friend to do the same.

Place the two pieces of paper adjacently under the glass bowl, and light the candle.

Rub your finger/s on the pencil so that you get some lead on your finger/s, and get your

friend to do the same. Print your fingerprints on the same green paper as your friend

(so the two of you's fingerprints are connected on the green paper) Chant the following

together three times as you and your friend fold the piece of paper in halves as much as you two can.

"What's mine is yours; what's yours is mine.

Let our talents switch at this time.

As I send you my precious gifts

Bring forth to me your unique wits

I forbid you from causing harm.

Nor will I receive your ham.

As I will it, so shall it be.

Let our powers shine for all to see."

When you've got to the end of the third chant, your paper should have been folded into a stick form.

Put it through the flame on the candle (both of you must be holding the piece of paper), and place

it the glass bowl, and watch it burn. Imagine white light switching from both of you.

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