Time: After Midnight any night, waning moon
Incense: benzoin Herb: angelica
Anoint candles with rosemary oil use white candles as many as you like.
You Need: one bead from a necklace you own (preferably a pearl-faux or not)
A small patch of black cloth, some string for tying. Incantation:
"I cast a spell asking , I now ask the favor of having the spell removed.
I understand to take back a spell means giving up something of my own to show my spirit
is true and my intentions are good, I give this pearl/bead from a necklace I own.
I transfer the spell into the and render the spell dormant.
No harm may from the cancellation of this spell.
No further power shall it have. This is my will -so be it."
Place the pearl/bead in the black cloth - add your angelica herbs -
tie up tightly in the string until you have wrapped the pearl/bead entirely in the cloth.
Dribble a bit of wax from the candles on your final knot you tie and
Then throw the small package away far from your home. Close circle and give thanks.

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