The cards are laid out in linear fashion from left to right.

Perform this spell when you desire to awaken love in a special person.

The meaning of these cards are fairly obvious: your SIGNIFICATOR and the SIGNIFICATOR

of your object of your desire are brought together as lovers.

As accessories for this spell, obtain thirteen red candles; do not light these candles

until instructed to, later in the spell. Also, if you can obtain a photo or any personal

belongings, or anything which has made contact with the person you are infatuated

with, include these to lend focus to the spell. If you wish you can use other accessories in

shades of red or white. Perform this spell at night before going to bed.

Do the following:

When ready, lay out the cards.

First, set your loved one's SIGNIFICATOR in place. If you have a photo or something

that belongs to or has touched that person, take it up at this time and warm it with your hands.

Say that person's name aloud three times and try to hold his or her image in your mind for the

space of nine heartbeats.

Next, set your SIGNIFICATOR in place, leaving a space so that you will have room to set the

next card between the two SIGNIFICATORS. (Note: If possible, try to have the two SIGNIFICATORS

facing each other. This means it may be necessary to have yours on the left and the other on the right.)

For a few moments, concentrate on your own desire for the other person.

Finally, set THE LOVERS in place. Spend some time daydreaming about the sort of romantic

adventures you would like to have with this special person you have in mind.

When your visualizations are allplete, use the thirteen red candles to make a circle around

your card layout. Light each candle, and then, with as much feeling as you can, recite the

following affirmation.

With these cards and with this spell, these images take on life and give life to my desires.

I call for (name of beloved) and (name)s to me, guided by the light of my flames.

Whether it be from near or from far,

(Name) is drawn to me.

I give love to (Name), I receive love from (Name).

Our love is passionate, our love is intense as flame.

Our love is long and lasting.

As I desire, so do we love, and so shall it be!

You may close the spell at this point by putting out the candles and putting away the cards,

or as you desire.

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