True Love Spell

True love is a very hard thing to come by....all this spell will do is bring
the one you are meant to be with, TO you.
If you have someone else in mind while doing this spell,
you can cause damage!!!! Remember, part of being a witch is abiding
by the "harm none" law, and that means do not manipulate people with your spellwork!
We never go by the moon for anything but ritual, but if you
want this spell to be stronger, do it right during the new moon.
Gather your supplies, call the Quarters or the Elements, and Invoke
the God and Goddess. And please please please, do not attempt to manipulate
your mind to bring someone you THINK you like into your life.
This spell will keep the ones who are NOT meant to be yours, far enough away
from you that you will know it!!!!!


Red, Yellow, and Purple candles (as well as black to repel negative thoughts)
Rose oil (or a fresh rose)
Cinnamon, Rosemary (or any other herb you like that can be used in love spells)
Knife and Chalice (to represent female/male)
Holy Water
Small piece of rose quartz
A small corked bottle

Light your candles, cast the circle. Call the Quarters,
and invoke the God and Goddess.
True love I desire shall come to me
God and Goddess make it be!

Anoint yourself with the rose oil using the love Rune symbol
From the past I feel you there
Come back to me- be with me here
Sprinkle some Cinnamon, Rose Oil, and Rosemary in the chalice
with the holy water, and stir it with the knife.
With all the power I have in me
O God and Goddess make it be!
Now, anoint yourself with the holy water and herbs
(this can be done over your heart depending on what you are wearing)
Dip the rose quartz in this mixture also, and make sure you carry it with you.
Cut the bottom end of the candle off (after you snuff it)
about 1/3 inch, and place it in the water/herb mixture till
you are done with your spell.
Re-light the candle
Now, pour some of the remaining herb mixture in the small bottle and cork it,
sealing it with wax from the candle. Every day, wear some of this on you.
Now concentrate all your energies into the red candle, chanting
"Gracious Goddess hear my plea, bring my true love back to me"
Concentrate all your love power into the red candle, when the buildup is complete,
snuff out the candle and say
"By the power of three times three this spell is done, SO MOTE IT BE!"
Now, every day, wear the rose quartz and the herb mixture and burn the
candle and chant until the candle is gone.

Remember to release the Elements (or Quarters) and thank the God and Goddess,
then close your circle. Bury the remaining herbs and water under a tree.

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