Two Lovers Waning Moon Spell

unite and souls won't stray, surrender passion on this day.
Fondly thinking both day and night
Within To remove obstacles and know which lover is true esp when you're torn.

Time to cast; first Saturday after the Full Moon

What you will need one red candle, one stick of lotus or sandalwood incense,patchouli oil or sandalwood oil, paper,red pen,matches or a lighter, fire safe dish or cauldron.

Now on one side of the paper write this incantation:
Blessed lovers come now hither;pain dissolves and obstacles wither.
Your higher flame seeks me so, your lower flame too shall know.
Hearts your hearts, love is bright
You miss me, love me, this I pray
For a flourished love will surely stay.
Within the realms of spirits light; hindered not by false delight.
Speak the lover, whose heart is true, the body, mind, and soul of two.
The spirit lover, who pines for me(state names)Remove the one who should not be.
With harm to none, and good for all the higher love shall hear my call.
It is so, it is right, by Goddess breath now insight.
Remove the sadness, hear my plea, seal this spell so mote it be.

At the bottom of the page write the names and birthdates of everyone involved in the spell.

On the other side of the paper draw a magical venus square. Now take the petition in hand and imagine pure white light flowing into your hands and paper ,hold the paper near your chest in a prayer position, kiss the paper times three, lay the paper to the side.

Now inscribe your candle with all peoples name and birthdates, dress candles with essential oils, start at the top of the candle and in downward motion dress with oil, place candle in holder.

Light incense
wave petition through the incense.
light candle
Read petition aloud three times
burn petition by the flame of the red candle and quickly toss the burning petition into the your fire safe container or cauldron.(this can be a fire hazard so be very careful)

Repeat aloud It is so and it is.

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