Undo bad energy, bad fortune & get rid of a bad situation

To undo a hex, bad energies, bad fortune, and get rid of bad situations from your life . . .

Get a fresh red chili pepper,

a red ribbon,


a smooth medium stone,

& brown paint

"When stars do fail the planets morn, their mother, no more children born. Escape the bonds through fractal geometry, catching the curves, enchanting the
dichotomy." - Open with this.

"Where deal was made and vow was broken, seize his tongue that truth be spoken. What words of ill come from his mouth, let them to his belly travel south." -
recite 3 times while preparing the next part.

Take his name and bind it in red, with a hot chili pepper place it under your bed.

Before you sleep, his name invoke, by the morning of the third day turn the bundle to smoke. Do this out of doors in the dawn's early light, facing South speak
out for what is right. Declare your wounds be healed before dusk, lest his words to a shrink he in trust.

Then with your stone and brown paint write his name on the top, a symbol of the problem on the back (Money - $; Love - heart; etc. . . .) and an X circled upon
them, do not slack. Bury quickly far away and out of site, rest assured it will be visited in the night!

Call out to Akianshasar to aid in your plight, once done be happy to sleep one good night. By morning, from dream, you'll be well aware of all that will happen
in this misfortune you share.

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