To eliminate an unwanted habit, make a poppet of yourself out of cloth, straw, or a carved candle.

Make symbols or words on it to indicate what you want to release forever, allowing anger to build

within you that you have practiced this unwanted behavior. Call upon Pluto or Hecate to assist

your resolve to fully carry out change in you life.

Then, using a safe container such as an iron cauldron or metal bowl, anoint the poppet with a

few drops of oil of myrrh, pennyroyal, rosemary, or rue, and then carefully set it on fire, visualizing

the release of your unwanted habit or trait forever.

Burn the poppet to ashes, and then take the ashes to a place where you have no need to

be at any time soon. Bury it, turn firmly, and walk away. Don't look Back.

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