Vanishing Someone's memory spell

In this spell, you'll need
1 red candle
1 white candle
2 hairs of the person whose memory you're vanishing

To do thi spell, perpare the 2 candles in a cup, any cup will do, and light them. Let them burn for about 2 minutes. Take the 1 hair of the person and burn it, saying

By earth, air and fire. By the element water on thus night of Hecate. By my own power as a daughter/ son of Hellewise. I command you to wash the owner of this hair's memory. Be my will, so mote it be!

Tie the next hair to a piece of paper writing the person's name and burn it. Saying

Goddess of memory, please help me to wash this person memory, protect her from any rumors that may come her/his way. Go if you must, stauy if you will. Hail and farewell.

Extinguish the candles and the spell is done.

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