Write, on a sheet of paper, exactly what you have done that needs _mysticmagicspells.orgiveness.

Fold up the sheet and then write the name of the offended party.

Anoint it with only a drop of oil or maybe a drop of charged water.

Don't drown the paper or else it won't burn which is the next step.

Take a matchstick and light the paper in a fire safe container.

With the crime destroyed and the ashes washed away, say

"_mysticmagicspells.orgiveness I seek and safety I need,

help me now prepare the seed."

If you have a garden or a simple plant, scattering the ashes will help foster growth within the relationship.


Charged water is any liquid that possesses a spiritual and usually not physical quality,

given by prayers, chants, and incantations. It's basically a Wiccan form of Holy Water.

Using a gemstone or other item to give it a charge is also a good idea.

Magnets are often used to give the water a special force and sapphires are good,

general enchanters.

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